A Documentary by Tristan Ferland Milewski


Once a year the DREAM BOAT sets sail for a cruise only for gay men. Far from their families and political restrictions, we follow five men from five countries on the quest for their dreams. The cruise promises seven days of sunshine, love, and freedom – but on board are also their personal stories, their doubts and uncertainties…

German Cinema Release: July 13, 2017
French Cinema Release: June 28, 2017

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Press Echo

„The true genius of Milewski’s film lies in the way he singlehandedly destroys the differences that we think divide the heterosexual experience from those of the members of the LGBT community. In DREAM BOAT he shows us once and for all that each of us needs, craves and wants the same thing: Someone to love us, for exactly who we are.“ – Huffington Post

„Dream Boat is a really uplifting and thought-provoking film that restores your faith in cinema.“ – screenanarchy

„It’s the celebration of an utopia, seven days on the sea.“ – Spiegel Online


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